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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 - Concept Phone

With the Nokia Lumia 928 rumored to feature straight lines, a back speaker and maybe a metal case, it’s time to explore an even further generation of Lumias. Deepak Ahuja created the Nokia Lumia 1020, shown below, that’s meant as an evolution for the series.

The handset runs Windows Phone 8.5 and relies on a 5 inch AMOLED display with a 1080p resolution. At the back we’ve got a 13.2 megapixel Pureview camera with dual LED flash and upfront we can find a 2 megapixel BSI sensor, while inside the Nokia Lumia 1020 we’ve got a 1.9 GHz quad core processor and a 2700 mAh battery.

Other features include 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and Purity (by Monster Audio) sound enhancement. This Nokia Lumia concept measures 141 grams in weight, certainly better than the 180+ grams of the Lumia 920.


  1. It has the best in class camera, low light photographs are awesome(considering its a mobile, do not compare it with a DSLR), though it takes a couple of seconds to process and save image
    Now, as Nokia announced that with Lumia Black update they will be adding RAW file format support for L1020, it will be a big step forward in the world of mobile photography. Its a perfect partner for on the go photographers, photojournalists.
    Apart from great camera, it features good hardware and gorgeous AMOLED screen. WindowsPhone 8 works like a charm with its hardware. And with 2GB of RAM you can be assured that it will get future updates.
    Nokia has put up their best in this phone, but limitations of WP8 make you think again and again before investing arnd half a lakh rupees!



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